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Summary: This vILT course is designed to train learners about various wellness practices for staff and students.

Tools: Google Slides


Summary: This ILT course is designed to train learners about the five different safety protocols utilized in the school system while also imbedding an interactive training on Smartboard software.

Tools: Google Slides, Lumio SmartTech

safety protocols.jpg
gala program.jpg


Summary: An evening program for the Lake Geneva Symphony Orchestra 2024 Gala. It includes a schedule of events, auction items and donor lists.

Tools: Canva


Summary: A supplemental music activity offered to students.

Tools: Sony Vegas 17, Izotope RX

Name Game.jpg
music night website.png

Website Design

Summary: A website promoting an interactive music event for families.

Tools: Wix, Canva, Pixlr.

Website Design

Website Design

Summary: A personal website showcasing services and compositions for sale.

Developing Tools: Adobe Dreamweaver, Sony Vegas 17, Adobe Photoshop.


Maintenance Tools: Pixlr, CoffeeCup, DaVinci Resolve.

bough website.jpg

Post Production

Summary: A virtual faculty recital from the Midwest Harp Festival.  

Tools: Sony Vegas 19, Izotope RX, Pixlr.

Program: Midwest Harp Festival Faculty Recital

Post Production

Summary: An annual review presented to the school board showcasing technology and educational initiatives from the 2022 school year.

Tools: Sony Vegas 19, PlaceIt, Canva, Izotope RX.

tech review.jpg
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